Video card artifacting


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27 Apr 2002
What are the usual causes of video card artifacts? I'm assuming most of it should be the video card itself (GPU, RAM, etc.) but can the CPU, motherboard or system RAM be the cause of artifacts? I ask this because I've just brought a cheap 9800GT and after an uncertain amount of time, the screen turns black and artifacts.
If the artifacts go away when card is cold then it is most likely heat.
If artifacts are there all the time then chip is hosed.
I think I may have found the root of the problem. It might have something to do with the TV tuner/capture drivers. I uninstalled them and the TV tuner card itself and I no longer get any artifacting. Let's hope it stays that way. Thanks all. :)

Edit: Nope screw that, I believe the card's faulty. Back to the store you go!
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I would check all the usual enemies on your card in this case - is the fan turning properly, is the graphics card overclocked? you can also get artifact from bad drivers, but if you recently put in your card it could be overheating as well. You might also want to try underclocking the card through a tuner app to see where the exact problem is and see if this helps your system.
Does that card have a temperature sensor somewhere on it that displays in the control panel? It has been a while since I owned an NVIDIA card!

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