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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by klondikman88, Dec 15, 2005.

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    yo what up people..i am about clueless as to video capture cards!! Im getting a x800 pro and i know that there is a x800xt all in wonder but would it be beter to have vid cap on the graphics card or should i just get a separate one??
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    I've never dealt with the all in wonders but I do have a stand alone ATI capture card. I dislike it, its fine if you want to cap at some terribly small resolution but if you want to cap at DVD quality you have to have tons of disk space and lots of time to filter and edit the video. I'd recommend getting a PVR card instead, they have hardware mpeg encoders so its almost like having a tivo in your PC.
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    well i would check out ones from Hauppauge. this brand is the one used in media center edition i am thinking about making my nexy pc a hybrid of high end system, running on media center edition after i saw it on my friends pc, and the fact that you can chat on msn from the remote control and etc i really want it