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Video & Audio performance drop + weird stuff going on


Real Name No Gimmicks
Hi all,

just reinstalled my XP and have very weird stuff going on...

check it out:

* Winamp's AVS is getting 8 - 10 fps with a visualisation of 1 particle going around in fullscreen mode (640x480x16)

* I hear a crackling sound in my speakers, something like electricty crackling, everytime I scroll a webpage, resize or minimize/maximize a window or use winamp's avs or other visualisation.

* Studio.exe (winamp3) has a proc load of 99%

* Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (retail, no warez) can't get above 15 fps @ 640x480... I used to play it on 1024x768 with good framerate... Hitman 2 however runs perfectly in 1024...

* XP is retail, got the newest official drivers from nVidia (40.72) installed and the newest VIA 4in1.

* My monitor goes out of sync for about two seconds while booting: I do not see the black screen with the blue progressbar. Tried BootVis but it didn't fix it.

PC is an AMD Thunderbird 900 with GeForce4 MX 460 64Mb and 256 RAM. XP Pro SP1. Not top of the tops but it should (and it did) perform better then this sh*t. I'm amazed with the AVS plugin: 8 fps!!! I remeber getting about 50 - 70 on some presets, but almost always above 30. Check out the screenshot: it's the first preset you get when installing winamp in Nullsoft folder: B Moon -> framerate is 7.7 @ 640x480x16 or x32

Please help...



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