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  1. Ok i have this feeling that im TOTALLY not getting (performance and visuals wise) out of my vid card what i CAN BE getting.

    I run a GeForce 2 MX 100/200 64MB AGP Video Card (i think thats the GeForce 2 MX 400 , but this is the technical name or something??). I have the 23.11 drivers, and im scoring less in 3dmark2001 (same res and refresh rate and everything) then guys with the same or lesser of a card.

    my system specs are:

    - MB = Intel 845WN
    - CPU = Intel P4 1.7GHZ
    - MEMORY = 512MB RAM PC133
    - MONITOR = 17'Samsung 753DF .20(H) DPI flat screen, set to 1024x768x32bit colour with a refresh rate of 85 hertz at a 96dpi

    i think thats all that is needed??? im not really good at tweaking my vid card. i want really good visuals but i dont want my games to go at like 10 fps! so i would REALLY like some help on tweaking this.

    in 3dmark2001 at 1024x768x32 i get 1259, at 16bit i get 2117.

    i only run in d3d, my pci texture memory size is set to 64 (i dont know if i need more) but i think that only comes into play if im in pci not agp (insight on this??)

    and my mit mapping level is set to BEST IMAGE QUALITY, i dont know if that effects anything very much or if i should set it to the middle at BLEND?? (insight on thsi too please)

    well iv tried to post all the info ppl might need if they wanna help me out. but PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! is it possible to get my card DOING BETTER? if so, please tell me how! if u need any more system info please tell me what

    ok thats all i can think of!
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    help pHANTOMpHREAK tweak his Vid Card, I SWEAR IT'LL BE FUN!