Vice city problem

Daeron Tinúviel

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8 Jan 2004
i just reformat install the game everything when i went to play for the second time the audio for the radio stations are gone as well for the dialog audio, all the rest of the audio is fine, any ideas?i uninstall it and install it again still same problem :(
hmmm, I know you said you reinstalled it - but as I remember, during the installation process, it stops halfway and asks whether or not you want to install that audio package (radio stations, I guess dialogue too if you don't hear that...) might want to reinstall a third time... and pay particular attention to that part

it could be just a quirky install too, who knows
nope its not that, remember i have audio the only audio i dont have ists the raqdio stations and the dialogues of characters.....u see i can change between stations and it make sounds but if i leave it in any station it doesnt produce sounds
im having the exact same problem. I transfered the game from my old comp to a new one and lost the dialouge and radio. i can hear the static between stations but everything else is gone. In game sounds work fine its just the radio and mission conematics. if anyone can help me i will be deeply grateful.
well at least you have some sound. i have the audio files, but i have no sound

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