via chipset/agp4x?



I have a Tyan s1854 MB with a via chipset and a Radeon 7500 video card that is running at 2x. This problem has been addressed in other forums with win98 and nvidea cards, but I cannot find out how to enable 4x with my setup. Any ideas?
Setting the card to 4x should be an option in the bios...if you don't see it there try downloading NVmax or Powerstrip and they will allow you to set the AGP mode to 4x if it is supported
The bios does not have an option to change to 4x, and powerstrip has the 4x checkbox,but will not allow me to check it. There must be a registry entry similar to the win98 fix-dword value ? somewhere that would work with xp.
um, if it will not let you cheeck it in powerstrip and there is no option in your bios i'm pretty sure your bios is not gonna support AGP 4x...what is your motherboard and bios and I can go check for ya?

or you might try seeing if their is a bios update
I went through the same thing your going through. I played
around with those 4 in 1 drivers, but nothing. NVmax is your
ticket! It's the only thing that worked for me. I've got it running
in 4x now and its running great. Good luck.

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