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Via 4-in-1, XP, Abit Kt7a-Raid



Do you need to install the Via 4-in-1 Drivers when installing xp? I have been having massive problems since about 12-12:30 on Fri The 13th. My computer took a big ol' dump on me. I ended up getting another hdd, and recovered some data, then had to replace the Vid card. which I will get repaired.
So I formated with NTFS last night and Finally after about 2 attempts at installing I got it installed right without issue. I had my ram set to turbo, installed fine set to normal.
So i have it up and like a retard i decided to install the 4-in-1 drivers eventhough the machine is running fine. well that fucks it up, and I restore to a restore point. is fine, i install office XP and now My explorer crashes everytime and even alot of times it restarts the computer right after the Windows start screen.

Need help/Suggestions.

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sure its not a hardware prob cuz that is shitloads of problems you got there maybe its bad ram or a dodgy setting but ive installed 4in1 drivers no prob. xp has native drivers thats wat you got but newer drivers are more stable and increase performance


I do not think it is a ram issue, as I have it on another hdd and it was running fine. I was also stable on the hdd when I had it on a fat32 system. It seems that it happened after I converted to NTFS then installed the 4-in-1's. I think it might have been a Shady 4-in-1 though. it was a version I do not find on thier website. I will try again tonight and see if this makes a diff. if It does not then might say fuggit and replace the MB, Ram and Proc. The video card though would not have been a ram issue as a new card works fine.


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I have the exact same MoBo. But is yours ver2 ??? When you install XP the OS will install it's native drivers for this MoBo, do not install any others. The only thing, you should update XP with all the Critical Updates Now as for SP1 that is up to you I have not and my System runs for days/weeks on end. Check your RAM settings in the BIOS, set them at default to check for stability, then slowly tweak them so as not to freak out the OS all at once, ie... CRASH - B.S.O.D. The 4 in 1 VIA drivers have not always been good. Sometimes they make more problems then they fix.

Also if you're using the Ultra-ATA 100 IDE Controller you should update the Highpoint driver for the RAID Controller (Both the same Controller) with the newest version. Or you can leave it with the one that installed when you set up the MoBo. I think XP also installs it's own native Highpoint Drivers when it is installing itself.


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Well the only difference with ver1 and ver2 is that ver1 which is what I have will only support up to an Athlon 1.2Ghz CPU with the Bios update. And ver2 I think will support up to 1.4 Ghz or 1.6 Ghz CPU not sure though on the ver2.

To answer you question I think to know what version it is has to do with the numbers that show up in the lower left hand corner of your monitor screen when you first boot up, before the post. If you go to the ABIT web site do a search for your MoBo and somewhere there it will say how to read the numbers and know what version your KT7A-RAID MoBo is.

I just remembered... the way to know what version it is, is on a sticker/label on the MoBo itself. It will tell you what version the Board is. The other numbers i mentioned before are for your BIOS version.

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