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VGA Adapter problem - HELP!



OK, I've been given the task of fixing a colleague of my mum's computer that is (ney, was) FUBAR'd.

I've formatted the HD, reinstalled Win98 and Office and it's all running fine. However, for some reason I can't change the display adapter for the standard VGA adapter. This means it's stuck in 640x480 and 16 colours.

The PC is a bit of a dinosaur (Cyrix 333, 32Mb Ram and onboard graphics and sound). In the bios I can change the memory dedicated to the display from 2-4mb.

I may be being really dim here but I can't find out what driver I should be using to enable higher resolutions and more colours. I know it's a rubbish system but sureley it can do better than 16 colours!

Any help would be very much appreciated.
yes i'm sure it can but I'm afraid you have to open that bad dinosaur up and look on the graphix card to see what it is. Then download the drivers from the net and you should be good to go


hardware monkey
yeah, you need to find out what kind of onboard vga it has so you can get drivers. don't know if opening it up will help you at all, though... since it's onboard instead of an actual card.

is it a name-brand pc like a compaq, hp, etc? if so, what model?
Installing new drivers; or any kind of drivers for that onboard chip would help, I am sure. Just what kind of onboard is it? Maybe we can find something...

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