Very Wierd FTP Problem


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When my Pocket PC is in it's cradle (connect to the desktop pc) i can't connect to any ftp sites on the desktop pc.

However when i remove it, i attempt to connect to an ftp site and it works.

This is the log from wsftp pro when i attempt to connect when the pocket pc is in the cradle:

WINSOCK.DLL: WinSock 2.0
WS_FTP Pro, Version 8.02, 2003.09.02
Finding Host *removed* ...
Connecting to *removed*:21
Connected to *removed*:21 in 0.031250 seconds, Waiting for Server Response

Failed to receive response after connect
Host type (1): Automatic detect
It is not just wsftp that does this, it any program which uses ftp. E.g. i cannot download from ftp addresses in my browsers or download managers while it is in the cradle.

Im really confused. :confused:


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connect to with user test and password test. This way I can see my logs for any strange things that might popup during connection. Note, this FTP dir is empty and will be removed after we have finished testing.


I'm Just Me!
I forgot to enter a user + pass on my first try. Then i tried with the user and pass and it gave the error above. Then i restarted my pc and now it will let me on. Wierd :confused:

Thanks very much for your help though, i'll let you know if it happens again.


sounds like pasv mode is on and they have port forwarding enabled. turn off pasv mode and see if it happens

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