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Very Strange XP SP2 problem.

which is a new one for me.

I rebooted my computer and during the reboot at the log in screen. I get an error and it says something about not finding something in the reg, however it found one and it "repaired" it. I finally made it back into windows and everying defaulted back to the original install and now I have this annoying clicking sound if I click on "Start" and any program.. and if I'm in explorer and go to the menu bar and select anything from there. I get the clicking sound...Not the open folder clicking sound either. Wow... I just try and open Outlook and its start all over from scratch.


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if you have your windows XP CD you could try this ---type sfc /scannow into "run"(notice the space after sfc) this should replace any corrupt system files --- its worth a try
The annoying clicking sound is a windows feature. You can turn it off.

Start-control panel-sounds and audio devices.

Sounds tab
- scroll down to system notification then select the scroll bar by "sound" at the bottom next to the sound file name and scroll up to the top where it says none. It probably says windows balloon.

There may be other sounds you don't like. You can kill or change them also.

There is a little universal "Play" button next to the sound file name so you cna preview it to see if that is the one you don't like.

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