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Very Strange Keyboard/Mouse prob. in CS

When I play any HL online game such as DoD and CS. I use my keyboard to move. My mouse to aim and shoot.

Let say for example that I am straffing to the left, what happens is I continue on that path once I release the key I have bound to it. As I continue on that path I loose mouse input totally. Let me try to make this a little clearer.
If I take my mouse and go left, right, up, and down. I get smooth movements. Now If I do the same with keyboard input. I will get smooth movements, for a few seconds but then I loose mouse inputs, I lock in one position for a second then it will move, lock then go smooth.

This has just started to happened. The only thing I can think of is I added the software for the mouse and keyboard. My mouse it an MS Intellimouse Optic and my Keyboard is MS Internet Keyboard. I ran the keyboard with XP drivers.. but then installed the software for them. I have removed the software for both. But the problem is still there. In my command line I have -noaccelmouse (This isn't the excact spelling) and another one. I not a home to post it. I just dont understand whats going on, or how to fix it. I was hoping someone here could assist me.

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If you have the MS Powertoys installed try removing them, its very strange sideeffect but it helped me, it was driving me nuts without my daily fix of Counter-strike had to resort to other games!


I have the same problem.
I upgraded from WIN98 -> WINXP.
I like XP. I love CS. When I move with keyboard it is sluggish and lags. Mouse Aim is slow and lags and does what it wants.
I have added so many things to my CS path.
I have -nomouseaccel, and the others.. It should be about 3. I tried the dxdiag.exe, but when I do that, CS wont connect to any server. I have re-installed HF and re-installed the updates.
I only play CS as my online game, cause it is the best (IMO)


PIII 800 Mhz
TNT Nvidia 2 (I think)
Garbage Monitor.
Logitech Optical Mouse

I would greatly apprcieate some help on this. Plz Help

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