very ODD issue


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I have 3 pcs hooked to my DSL router
all run XP pro sp1

2 computers everything works fine
1 computer a few sites wont load IE. my schools website
they load on 2 computers but not the other one...
i load the sites at the same time on the PCs just one doesnt load it never works on that pc
but 99.5% of websites load expect for a small few
i reinstalled IE6 no help
dont want to reinstall windows but its my last resort

any suggestions...???


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Have you tried switching around the cat5 cables in the router to see if the problem switches to a different machine?

Do they all have the same security settings? Tools --> Internet Options --> Security Tab

I know these seem like simple things but, sometimes it is a simple thing. One of our members who are more versed in networking issues will stop in before long.


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all of the IE options are the same
i never change any of the expect default homepage :)
switched the cat 5 wires
and the router ports
same issue still


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What tools are you using?

It could be an app blocking the site from loading via ActiveX or something like that?

Did you try another web browser?
Donwload Mozilla Firebird

Are they just saying 404 Page Not Found, how exactly are they not "loading"?


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havent tried another browser
will try mozilla now
the not loading error is
"The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

that is what i get
what you would get if u went to some website that doenst exsist u know?


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no luck with mozilla
it said there is no data available or something like that

if i open AOL and use their browser i can get to ebay
i completelly removed aol and that didnt help
reinstalled it and i can still access ebay through AOL
i try pinging and every instance is TIMED OUT


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that is not for win XP jz9
i goto TCP.ip and the uninstall button is greyed out
how do u remove it??
i tried the link on the botton of the site and downloaded the WinsockXPFix.exe and ran that
that accomplished nothing but messing everything up
good thing i backed the registry before i did that lol
but i think we are on the right track cause i do have ad ware


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nothing is listed in the remove column
and i rebooted like 100 times lol
and ive ran the winsockxpfix already
that just killed my internet completelly
until i loaded my old REG back

Elroy Jetson

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this might not really help, but I had aol installed on a xp laptop for dialup purposes, and after removing it from the machine, I could not connect to a university network anymore using the network card. aol completely messed up the setting. clean formatted and reinstalled xp, and it worked fine. no more aol for me, that's for sure. since you are on a network, you can easily move all your data to another machine before reinstalling.

good luck, mate!


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oh reinstalling isnt a problem
i just dont wanna reinstall all my games and programs after
just a hassle
id rather solve the problem
99% of the websites work
so its not that big of an issue
just trying to get to the root of it
i did some reading and i bet ad ware messed it up
welp if anyone has anymore ideas feel free to let me know
thanks for the help


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wait :) most sites work, its just a couple that dont? (I need to stop skimming) If that is the case then its not a winsock problem,

Here is a simple VB file I wrote that finds the host file location, lets make sure its where it is supposed to be, some things hijack and move it to make it harder to detect,

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