Verizon V3C went wonky on me...

I have no idea why, absolutely none, why this happened. I've used my phone now hacked as can be and happy with it and haven't had any problems. Until a few hours ago, I had my phone set to Vibe Then Ring with the call volume set to high. Then I got a call from a friend. The phone vibed like it suppossed to do, but the ringer was low. I went to my ringer styles to adjust the ringer detail thinking I may have hit it stupidly while using another application, and I CAN'T access the Details to make any changes. This has not happened before and I don't know why it chooses now to do so.

This is a Verizon V3C. Any, I mean ANY ideas as to what has happened, or what I may need to do next will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Sure thing, list of mods:

Vibe then ring
Outer LCD
Vid Duration
Opening and closing animation
Opening and closing audio
Volume changed from High/low to 1-7
Have ADDED ringtones with MPT, but nothing deleted (is there a file with ALL the stock ringtones that I can just overwrite with you think?)

It was a .03 that went to .04, no Obex. I don't use Obex enough to warrant having it personally so I didn't bother with the .02 flash.

It's just the oddest thing, everything works perfectly except I can't adjust the audio. Is there a file that I can view in Bitpim that would have this info? Or is it a bug do you think?




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might wanna try to delete your MyTonesDB.db file with p2kcommander or bitpim, restart phone and see what happens. I think I had a prob after deleting this file though where my ringer id's for contacts were set to the next ringtone in the list compared to what they previously were.. that's about all the help I can give you though.
Third times the charm

I did delete the My Tones file, but nothing happened after it reset, originally. So I thought after your post, that I would try it again. Again, nothing happened. This morning, I removed the battery for a while, rebooted the ole PC, then made the same attempt. And, it worked!!!!! Thanks Walter!!!!

I'm beginning to think my problem is not my phone but commander, I may need to see if I can still find 3.2.6 anywhere. The .9 I'm using acts too quirky for me.

As for the volume control, JLangevin, it's easy...

Seem 2742, Bytes 90, record 0001, offset 7b, uncheck bit2, check bit7 – gives you Moto ring control (instead of low thru high, you get 1 thru 7)

I hope this helps you.


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