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Verify that your virus scanner is working


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I believe I may have posted this once before a few years ago...Its worth testing your Anti-Virus.:)

My Personal Result: I placed it on my desktop
AVG Scan picked it up deleted it and placed it in the Vault in an instant.

The EICAR virus test is a harmless text file that is detected as a virus by most AV vendors. You can use it to verify that your local virus scanner is working (just copy the string into a plain text file), check to see if your email server scans for viruses (email yourself a copy), and test if scanners detect viruses inside archives (put it inside a zip file).


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AVG only scans files when they are executed, which is why it is low on resources. A manual scan or trying to open the file will cause AVG to quarantine/delete it.


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Although interestingly, AVG does pre-scan e-mails before they are delivered ala Norton.

I just wish symantec would fix the "slap things everywhere" nature of their products as I might actually reinstall them (I have NAV and systemworks pro 06 currently off drive due to them breaking)

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