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vdsl w/ zone alarm?


High On Life!
hi guys again well my isp gave me this firewall thing that makes my internet work. microsoft firewall client. and i wanna use zone alarm. will it work i disbaled the microsoft one and enabled zone alarm i think the firewall is just to get the internet working not just protection but zone alarm looks like its working should i continue to use zone alarm? which one is better


OSNN Advanced
ZoneAlarm is much better than what you get from Microsoft.
It should work no matter what connection type you are using.
You just need to configure it for your own needs.


High On Life!
well im running some tests to see which is getting me faster speeds. and i think its zone alarm hehe. btw it automatically configured itself


High On Life!
well two times the microsoft one got higher bandwidth test by a couple of kbs but one time the zonealarm raped it by getting the highest speed in the tests but anyways i only did this like 4 times, and its only a silly test i think im staying with zone alarm
now im ganna test that it works with all the programs/protocols i use

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