Vcore voltage on processor?


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24 Jan 2004
I bought a 2400+ to replace my duron 1200 and when i installed it on my computer it rebooted to a 1800+ clock speed. I then changed the fsb from 100 x 15 (multiplier) to 115 x 15 = 2100+. Everytime i change it to a 132 x 15 = 2400+ speed, it reboots or freezes and goes back to 1800+. I am new to this OC, well not really OC just puting the right frequency, do i need to change hte VCOre to something? is the mother board saying that i have not enough power? NEed help...

Sounds like you may need a BIOS update, or your board my just outright not support the 133 FSB
yea but i even used the 120fsb to get a 2200+ but it would still reboot...what is the Vcore for? i dont want to buy a 2400+ and only use a 2100+ speed....need help...
What board do you have?

Your board may not support running at 133.

Don't jump the gun here.
Don't touch Vcore. You do not need to adjust it for normal operation. Post your MB brand and model number so we can help.
Hehe, I had to bump my Vcore setting up to 1.725 now :p
Much more stable.
the mobo is K7T turbo 2 with the latest bios....whats vcore for then?
The Vcore setting is the CPU voltage level.
You shouldn't have to touch that.
Your mobo is fully capable, there is a setting which should allow for that CPU.
But I'm not sure what the MSI BIOS interface looks like.
According to this MSI product spec. page the K7T turbo2 will max out with an AMD XP 1800+

• Socket A for AMD® Athlon™/ Athlon™ XP/ Duron™ Processor.
• AMD Athlon XP (Palomino, Socket A) up to 1800+
• AMD Athlon (Thunderbird, Socket A) up to 1.4GHz
• AMD Duron ( Socket A) 950MHz
MSI spec. page

But if you have v. 3.6 of the BIOS (it's an Award BIOS) then...

(1) Supports AMD XP 2400+ & 2600+ (K7T Turbo2 only).
(2) Supports boot from USB device.
BIOS page
BIOS v. 3.6 download ... in case ya don't

Now you have an AMD 2400+

CPU ..................... Clock Speed

Athlon XP 2600+ ........ 2.13GHz
Athlon XP 2400+ ........ 2.00GHz
Athlon XP 2200+ ........ 1.80GHz
Athlon XP 2100+ ........ 1.73GHz
Athlon XP 2000+ ........ 1.67GHz
Athlon XP 1900+ ........ 1.60GHz
Athlon XP 1800+ ........ 1.53GHz
Athlon XP 1700+ ........ 1.47GHz
Athlon XP 1600+ ........ 1.40GHz
Athlon XP 1500+ ........ 1.33GHz

Be sure it IS a 2400+ and not a something else.

Now remember that it's actual speed is 2.00GHz and the stock Multiplier is 15x133

So I assumed that the multiplier was set to low by the BIOS so adjust it to 15X133 (1995 which is much closer to the 2.0Ghz speed it should run...)

Save the changes and reboot the system and everything should run smooth. But make sure you have the v. 3.6 BIOS or it won't work.

As dreamliner77 said, it could be that you need to "FLASH" the BIOS so it will use the new CPU.


Found this info also...

Manufacturer ...... AMD
Model ...... AXDA2400DKV3C
CPU Rating ...... 2400+
Socket Type ...... SOCKET-A
Bus Frequency ...... 133MHz
Multiplier ...... 15x
Core Voltage ...... 1.65v
Comments ...... AMD ATHLON XP-2400+ 266MHz FSB SOCKET A ( RATED AT 2.0GHz ) OEM ITEM, THOROUGHBRED 0.13?m
found it here
One other thing... is it a true K7T Turbo 2 or a K7T Turbo(MS-6330 Ver3.0)?

Because the K7T Turbo(MS-6330 Ver3.0) even with a BIOS update will only go up to a 2200+

K7T Turbo(MS-6330 Ver3.0) BIOS v. 3.5
(1) Supports AMD XP 2200+ (K7T Turbo2 only).
(2) Revamps the incorrect display issue with AMD XP 1700+ (For K7T Turbo, K7T Turbo Limited & K7T Turbo2 ONLY).
(3) Updates OnBoard Promise BIOS to support 160 GB HDD.

So make absolutely sure of the MoBo model.
yup im pretty sure about the version number K7T turbo 2 as it is printed on the mobo. I just dont know why it wouldnt go up that high. Could it be a power problem? the power supply i think is not supplying enough. I would plug in my usb pen drive and the mouse will stop working or the keyboard will stop working too. So would the power be the cause of that?

p.s. yes i have installed the bios 3.6 =)....but it still wont....arrhh....yes and it is also a genuine 2400+
Gary Pandher said:
power many watts?
and what else do u have in the system

Yeah, full details of yer hardware setup would/could be very helpful.
Oooo Oooo, I just thought of something... yeah yeah my brain didn't catch fire.

But, what speed is yer memory? Since it uses SDRAM if you're usin PC100 and not PC133 then maybe that's why it won't work at the correct bus speed. I once had a prob like that 'cause I was usin two different speed memory chips and I forgot and set the speed to 133. It wouldn't go past the post.
Also found this...
Please be noted that Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ CPU need AMD certified heatsink; otherwise, the system will be quite unstable or even fail to boot up. Please check AMD recommended CPU cooler in this URL.

Now mind you, I'm throwin all that I can find at you, hoping one of these will help.
i dont know how to check for power, but i checkted the back and it wrote 220watts, so i think thats the peak? regarding the ram, i will check it in the morning, but so far i cant go past 2000+
Inside the case look at the PSU (Power Supply) and see what it says. It should be stamped/written on it's label. Unless that is what you ment, then 220W could be too low. The label is either on the top or on the side of the PSU. You may need a mirror to see it if it's on top. (see attachments)

What type of case is this anyway?
220 watts is low..probably..if ur runnin cd drives hd mobo vid card proccesor n a sound card 220 is probably nothing..
i have a feeling tho u might b talkin bout the switch on some power supplies to switch from 240 volts n bck to 120 ...
i cant check the powersupply...i think teh sticker is on the top so its emm yea on the top...but either way i have checked the ram, the first stick is 128 pc 100 and the other is 256 pc 133. am i supposed to put the 256 as first slot? i think ive raed somewhre that the 256 should be first then 128 second? more to less?
Well, there's yer problem. Your bus speed can only go up to 100MHz because of the slowest MEM module. If both were PC133 then it wouldn't choke. Whenever you have two different MEM modules (ie... different speed and different manufacturer), The slowest one dictates how everything is going to run.

I had two (2) different Modules once and they were a different speed (PC100 and PC133). I had to go and get one faster Module so I could run them both at the 133MHz Bus speed. This was/is because the PC100 module will not take the added speed increase.

So when you set your speed to 115MHz it was still taxing it. Then when you set it to 133MHz it is getting choked by the memory.

O.K. try this... Pull out the 128 PC100 module and leave it out (for this test) put the 256 PC133 in the first slot and reboot. Then adjust your settings in the BIOS to what they supposed to be for your CPU and see if it works.

Now if anyone else thinks this is not correct or if I missed anything, then please please post corrections or anything extra.

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