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2 Mar 2002
I'm about to migrate a forum from SMF to VB, and since we've had VB here for years now, I might as ask here first.

It seems that tutorials and documentation seem to be spread all over, so here it goes ...

1. Is there one single repository of documentation that details how one can interact with VB to add new functions?

2. How do I wrap an external page with the VB template?

3. How do I add extra data to a user's profile? Is this all templates?

4. How do I integrate external pages to use VB permissions?

A link to documentation or examples would be great. VB has them spread all over and they aren't very specific to my purposes. Thanks.
eh, I don't want a pre-fab CMS. We have too many custom apps.

I wished VB had a well-documented API instead of paying users having to decipher their system.
Like I said, you want vbAdvanced and you need to stop re-inventing the wheel :)
Why would I want vbAdvanced when all I'm looking for is documentation on how VB does permissions and sessions. In phpBB, this is accomplished in around 10 lines of code. So yeah, WTB ten lines of code instead of a whole CMS and a more organized/updated VB documentation source.

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