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VBScript to set desktops to use a primary and secondary wins server?


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Hey guys,

Does anyone know a script that I can use, that I can apply via GPO, and have it so that the computers it applies to automatically set the Primary and Secondary Wins servers? I don't know anything about VBScripting so I'm at a loss, just trying to make things a bit easier.



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DHCP scope options would be a much better place for this.

edit: failing that, a netsh command from dos would be my next choice.. (netsh interface ip set wins <ipadd>)

if you really must use vbscript.. give me a minute to work/test something


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Actually this post can be deleted! :) Silly me forgot I posted this quite awhile back, and actually got a respone from KCNYChief with the appropriate script. I created a GPO for this and issued it via Computer Setup, and everything seems to be working. Can't use DHCP because this client is Statically Assigned IP addresses.

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