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I am trying to write a VBS script that will map drives and printers depending on what location the employee is at. I have a mixed win 7 and xp environment with 08 servers. I need to use IP address instead of site name because there are users that will take their laptops between locations. So far i have the following but i can not get it to run via GPO:

Dim strComputer,strIPAddress,strIPRange
Dim objNetwork
Dim IPConfigSet, IPConfig
Dim arrIPAddress
strComputer = "."
Set IPConfigSet = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//" _ 
 & strComputer & "/root/cimv2").ExecQuery("select IPAddress from " _ 
 & "Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration where IPEnabled=True") 
Set objNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
For Each IPConfig In IPConfigSet
     If Not IsNull(IPConfig.IPAddress) Then
          arrIPAddress = split(IPConfig.IPAddress(0) ,".")
          strIPRange = arrIPAddress(0) & "." & arrIPAddress(1) & "." & arrIPAddress(2) & ".0" 
          select case strIPRange
               case "172.31.2.*"
   WshNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "G:"
   WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "G:", "[URL="file://\\Server\Folder"]\\Server\Folder[/URL]"
                    objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "[URL="file://\\Server\Printer"(UPSTAIRS"]\\Server\Printer"(UPSTAIRS[/URL])"
               case "172.31.1.*"
   WshNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "G:"
   WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "G:", "[URL="file://\\Server\Folder"]\\Server\Folder[/URL]"
                    objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "[URL="file://\\Server\Printer"]\\Server\Printer[/URL]"
          end select
     end if
set objNetwork = nothing
set IPConfigSet = nothing

The logon script was added here in GPO "User Configuration", "Windows Settings", "Scripts (Logon/Logoff)", "Logon"

Any help would be great, this is getting stressful because this is one of the first scripts i need to run via vbs rather than just batch and i never really learned vbs :crosseyed: Thanks!!!!!
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Assuming it's an Active Directory environment and you've setup your sites correctly, it shouldn't matter if they have laptops as wherever the computer is, it will pick up the correct AD site and you should be able to map drives based on site.

That all being said, does the script work if you run it manually?
The code you wrote has you setting the strIPRange variable to xxx.xxx.xxx.0 but your case statement has you searching on xxx.xxx.xxx.* - it will never find a match that way.

strIPRange = arrIPAddress(0) & "." & arrIPAddress(1) & "." & arrIPAddress(2) & ".0" 

select case strIPRange
  case "172.31.2.*"
  case "172.31.1.*"
end select

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