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What im looking to do in a VB program is search for a set given file that I would declare, then if found copy it to a directory.

How would I go about this?

Say if I wanted to back up winini.bat to a floppy drive or something like that?

Anyhelp greatly appreciated


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are you saying search and entire HD for it? because that would take some coding, big time. or do you just mean supplying a directory (without sub-dirs) and checking if it is there?


...will circle this city
hmm i think that i could get it to search in the dir, but not the sub dir. that's a maybe though. haven't done any major vb in like 2 yrs


The answer you seek is simple.
Click project -> referneces -> then add in Microsoft Scripting Runtime. File name scrrun.dll

Next add some code

dim fso as FileSystem Object

Set fso = New FileSystemObject
if fso.FileExists(QualifiedSrcFileAndPath) = true then
fso.CopyFile QualifiedSrcFileAndPath, QualifiedDestFileAndPath, True
end if
'The True is to force an overwrite if the file already exists in the destination directory.

Set fso = Nothing
There are so many ways to do this it might be best if you stated what the operating system/s you wanted to achieve this under was: as you could use: -

Scripting, API calls, VB functions and a host of other methods or add-ins including batch file processing.


Here's code that will recusively search a directory...

Sub RecursiveSearch(ByVal sPattern As String, ByVal CurrDir As String, sFound() As String)
Dim i As Integer
Dim sCurrPath As String
Dim sFile As String
Dim ii As Integer
Dim iFiles As Integer
Dim iLen As Integer

If Right$(CurrDir, 1) <> "\" Then
    Dir1.Path = CurrDir & "\"
    Dir1.Path = CurrDir
End If
'keep on going into the directories until there are no more left
For i = 0 To Dir1.ListCount
    If Dir1.List(i) <> "" Then
        DoEvents 'make sure it doesn't crash
        Call RecursiveSearch(sPattern, Dir1.List(i), sFound)
        If Right$(Dir1.Path, 1) = "\" Then
            sCurrPath = Left(Dir1.Path, Len(Dir1.Path) - 1)
            sCurrPath = Dir1.Path
        End If
	'copy path to string
        File1.Path = sCurrPath
	'copy pattern data to string
        File1.Pattern = sPattern
        If File1.ListCount > 0 Then 'matching files found in the directory
            For ii = 0 To File1.ListCount - 1
		'resize array for a new file
                ReDim Preserve sFound(UBound(sFound) + 1)
                sFound(UBound(sFound) - 1) = File1.List(ii)
            Next ii
        End If
        iLen = Len(Dir1.Path)
        Do While Mid(Dir1.Path, iLen, 1) <> "\"
            iLen = iLen - 1
        Dir1.Path = Mid(Dir1.Path, 1, iLen)
    End If
Next i
End Sub
You must have two controls, a directory control named Dir1 and a FileList control named File1. Call it in this format...

Call RecursiveSearch("file.ext", "C:/", fileArray())

That will search for file named "file.ext", in the Entire C:/ drive, and output all matches into an array called fileArray()

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