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10 Jan 2004
I am trying to sort this data in execl using vb. As you can see it is in one row. it was imported from a txt file. anyone know any code that can sort that out for me. Basicly want after the comma and then have that copied and put into another sheet.



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Excel can import comma separated values files. Save or copy the text file as FILENAME.csv and then open it in excel as a text file. It should open with a column for each comma. Shouldn't need any coding unless I'm misunderstanding your question.

Is this what you needed to do?

wow that excatly what I needed. Never knew you could do that. Basicly I am putting it into a database for invertory. I thinkn I can handle it from here. thanks again!
One final question. I have it all seprated and imported into Access. Is there an easy way to sort those 10 feilds I requested on the report, because they keep on repeating. Just wondering if there is a way to idenifty that. I dont want to enter all of them in by hand. We have over 300 puters.
Happy to help, but I'm not quite sure I understand how you are going about setting up your database. How familiar are you with Access? You should be setting up a table with the first column as the field name, and then the second column as records 1-300, right?

PS I'm not much of a database guru, just trying to learn myself. Glad to be of some small service, though.


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