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[vb.net] XMLdatareader and datasets


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I'm using xmldatareader to parse an xml file and then bind data to either RTBs, datagrids and textboxes. I'm running into a problem with the xml schema, in which fields that contain an addition keyword won't get parsed/debugged/built. For example:

The subkeyword errors out during the reading process. I'm getting an error about nested data within the dataset for the subKeyword values.

I'm using this to pull the data:

XMLDataSet = New DataSet
' Change location of XML file as necessary in next line
DataGrid.DataSource = XMLDataSet
' Tell the grid to display the Builder table initially
DataGrid.DataMember = "BuildInfo"
Everything works fine there after as long as my XMLdata.xml file is "linear". Any suggestions on a different method to parse data with "data within the data"?

Or suggest an alternate method of grabbing data from xml? I'm a basement programmer: AKA n00b, so please be gentle.


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Not sure if anyone cares... but I fixed it woohoo!

Details: I scrapped the dataset construction. I instead dumped the xml file into an xmlDoc, and just called what I needed by using the xml nodes by use of the xmlreader.

If anyone is interested, I got the idea from a movie: http://www.microsoft.com/seminar/shared/asp/view.asp?url=/Seminar/en/20040312VBData06/manifest.xml&rate=1&WMPVer=

The movie demostrates the method in VS.net and was an interesting watch!

So um.... enjoy the movie.

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