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vb bug: Quick reply results in attempted double post

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I mentioned this in another thread, but thinking of it, figure perhaps it could use it's own thread in case there's something configurable wrt this that someone might want to try to correct, else someone might want to submit a bug report, whatever...

Basically, when posting the quick reply, it posts the thread the first time (successfully) but for one click on the submitting the quick reply it comes right back and says "post already submitted...can't post within 15 secs, etc" and so catches itself... It shows the window for the post, but clicking on thread and browsing to end one sees the post it's saying it can't post...

Earlier today, I didn't see this, however the text remained in the quick reply window after it was already posted, but all was well... Now I'm seeing it again.

One thing I just remembered, at school (was there) they had IE on those boxes. Here at home I'm using Mozilla. Which behaviour is used might determine which behaviour one is seeing. That said, I haven't tested this thought I just had, so can't confirm one way or another...

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