variables in logonui.exe



In my logonui.exe, variables (%s, %d) are sometimes used in the String Table. Where do these variable get defined and how can I change them? I want to write
some code so they are defined in terms of emails on the server and not emails already in my inbox.
thanks so much!
-Matthew Wieder
Can Anyone Help?

Hi - I know this can be done since Netscape or any other email program changes something in order to get it to display the number of emails in their inbox. So, it must be we can control what number gets dsiplayed there somehow.
where in logonui.exe are you referring to?

because i know for the actual coding part its located at the far bottom of the actual coding.

hmmmmm ahhhhhhh just opened up one of the loginui's i've created now i see what you mean. i think thats a windows varible in coding. you probably can find out more of those on MS TechNet or MSDN
That much I figured, but does anyone know how these variables are set and how I can change that?
OK, through much searching, I have learned that the number of unread e-mail messages (i.e. the variable in the logon screen) is set by the SHSetUnreadMailCount in shellapi.h. Is there a way to edit this file or will Windows not run if I do so?
i assume you know how to add exclusions to Window's integrity scanner? (the same thing u have to do when u edit explorer.exe)

try doing that and before u do any thing make a backup of the file, then start tweaking
Sorry, I don't know about exclusions. Could you explain why I need to use them and give a walthrough as to how I do so?

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