Vanishing network shares on removable media


Bird Eater
13 Mar 2004
If I share a folder on a removable (firewire) drive, then disconnect the device, when I plug it back in, I find the share has vanished and I have to recreate it. This only happens on my laptop, which is running WinXP SP1. I don't have this problem on my PC that's running WinXP Gold - the shares are remembered while the drive is not present then plugged back in later on.

Is there some setting or registry tweak I need on the laptop to make it exhibit the same behaviour as the PC, since recreating the share over and over gets tedious.

Cheers :p
Is it plugged into the exact same port? I kno with my digital camera, I set it to auto download the pics then delete the ones on the camera. Well that only works on the same usb port I set it on, using others just make the camera wizard popup.

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