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V3m and MPT problems


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I have recently purchased two V3m phones, and successfully use MPT to download songs, ringtones and pictures to (one) of the two phones. I followed all of the steps that are listed here, and have no problem downloading to that phone.
Here's where the problems start. When I started to try to transfer photos, ringtones and pics to the other V3m, it recognized the phone when I changed it to the V3cm driver the same as it did the first phone. The Multimedia Studio icon works, and I can click on the File transfer studio icon. But when the folders get done loading on the My computer side, the Mobile Phone side will not show any folders. The (copy to computer), and (copy to phone) buttons are greyed out, and can't be used. When I try to use any of the buttons on the Mobile Phone side, it gives an error that says processing failed!
I really can't figure this out. The phones were purchased at the same time, brand new. Any information would be great.

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