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v3c w/alltell v4 flash ? about power saver mode


OSNN One Post Wonder
curious if any of you folks know how or can you turn off power saver mode. No I'm not talking about the battery saver in initial setup. A friend of mine says his phone is going in to POWER SAVER mode w/Alltel flash V3c. He has VZW service. Keep in mind I flashed his phone at the same time I did mine and I don't have an issue. I've never heard of POWER SAVER mode, but then again I don't have Alltel just a VZW v3c flashed 2 Alltel. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Peace


Verizon Hater
I've heard of power save mode coming up after hours of no connection to a network... but not of anyway to turn it off. where is he at that he has no network connection for that long of a period???


OSNN One Post Wonder
At his office in the chicago suburbs. He must be in one of the DEAD zone areas, I know the building he is in is all Steel and there is a lot of electrical stuff and wireless networking. That could be his issue in a weak signal area and if he's in the right spot at his office he may just loose everythig. I know I can't talk to him on his cell when he's in the building, no way no can do. It's just terrible. Thx for the info. Peace

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