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V3 unlock code


OSNN One Post Wonder
a friend of mine gave me a Motorola V3 today that was given to her etc... well it seems that it has been passed around to so many people no one knows the unlock code i cant get into my adress book without the code is there any way to reset the code without the old one


OSNN One Post Wonder
thanks for the info i will check the motorola site all i got was the phone no manual

well the manual suggested trying 1234 or last 4 didgits of phone number i tried the original number and the number currently on my sims card but had no luck any more suggestions on how to reset the unlock code
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OSNN One Post Wonder
You may want to try flashing the phone. I had a V710 the got locked with a unknown code. I tied everything and finally took a chance and flashed my phone just so I could use it. Well when I did I kept all my contacts rintones and everything else. Lots of luck.

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