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UX Theme Patcher


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I know there are many threads on this but some the links don't work. I downloaded it from a site but it's just not working.

Any other sites where I can download it? :eek:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
See how this one goes. I've still got one more to try if this one doesn't work.

Not sure if you need the dll but I put it in just un case.
If your're running a later SP2 beta than 2082, you're out of luck with UXTheme patcher. If not, your computer may have a case of the gay. Maybe you could resort to StyleXP?


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I'm using trial version StyleXP right now so I'll check those patches when the trial version is finished.


The easiest way i find to use this .dll file is to drag the original from windows folder to a blank folder on desktop, then drop this into windows folder and delete blank (containing old file) folder on desktop and just reboot when i have finished using PC for day.
You could do it manually...that's how I've always done it, and it never fails. Just be careful and don't delete anything you're not supposed to.

-First search the entire drive for any instances of uxtheme.dll (search within subfolders, and include hidden files as well).
-Delete all instances of it, except the one in \WINDOWS\system32 (you can move them to a temporary location instead of deleting them, to be on the safe side).
-Rename the one in the system32 folder to uxtheme_old.dll and extract the one from the attached ZIP file into the same folder.
- Reboot and enjoy themes.

EDIT: This uxtheme file is version 6.0.2800.1106 for XP SP1 with all Windows Update patches installed (aka latest, fully updated version of Windows).


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NetRyder said:
No, you don't need to. No idea why it isn't working...seems like the file is getting replaced by the original one somehow.
When I rename the uxtheme.dll to uxtheme_old.dll, then suddenly the original file appeared.
~bk said:
When I rename the uxtheme.dll to uxtheme_old.dll, then suddenly the original file appeared.
Did you make sure the only remaining uxtheme.dll file on your entire drive was the one in \WINDOWS\system32 before renaming it?

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