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Uverse VS Comcast


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I just recently switched from Comcast TV and internet to Uverse TV and Internet and I'm astonished. The picture quality of the IPTV is amazing. I've never seen a better picture and snappy response. The internet is good and cheap. All total for the better service I'm saving around 20 dollars, getting one month of TV free and a 200 dollar check for nothing (i didn't pay anything up front, so I'm just getting a check).

It is as advanced as they claim and I don't have to have comcast anymore (not sure if anyone remembers but a comcast tech stole my wedding ring, which I got back after the guy confessed).

My only nervousness is I live in an Apartment and my wife and I decide to get a house I hope Uverse is offered there. I don't want to stop using it.

So many options as well. My Main TV is near the media gateway so the cable that connects the main hd dvr is a cat5 cable. The tv in my bedroom got an hd box and couldn't have a cat5 cable so it is coax and still looks amazing.

I'm impressed and hope other people get to take advantage of this service.

I do not work for ATT or have ever really been a fan of them until now!!


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Sounds cool - did you get the "advanced"? I heard of something that was supposed to let you record up to 4 shows at once with their DVR which is nice b/c Comcast DVR can only do 2 :(


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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yeah it came with it. I haven't had a chance to try it out but I think it's 2 HD and 2 SD at once. Either way everything for Uverse TV is "advanced" Best picture quality I've seen yet. Also the weird thing is instant channel changing and I don't have to leave the box on for it to record!!

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