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uTorrent & Optimization


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Alright I know there probably are many, I knew of one awhile ago, for making torrents download the fastest they can, tweaking computer and router settings and all that. I am now on Vista, and I dont really want to tamper with the router since I dont want to screw with the other people on my network.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on optimizing utorrent or torrents in general?


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Here is the original JohnTP settings. which can only be viewed in google's cache
Some of the settings mentioned below are optimized for 256k connection. If you want to calculate the optimal settings for your connection, check at the end of this tutorial. But I suggest you to read the entire tutorial for guidance on other settings.

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I have never really found a need to change the default setting except max upload and I get 500+ kB on almost every torrent. You have to set max upload below your connection speed or you will swamp your connection and mess up the download speed. I have 768 upload but I set utorrent to 640. I try different torrents of the same file(s) and see which one starts increasing on download quickly plus has a good swarm. If it does not do this then I try another torrent. Also, make sure you can accept connections on the port you have chosen.
utorrent is optimised for best performance as is. The only way to download faster is to find fast torrents. Too many or too few seeds will slow things down.

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