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Utilizing HP Thin Clients: Questions about RDP?


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Hey guys,

Here at my customer we're going to be using Thin Clients. I have a couple of concerns with those as to how well everything is going to be working. The primary concerns is how the users will be connecting, which will be using RDP. We're already getting the virtual machines setup on the ESX Server. The HP Thin Clients run a version of Windows XP. I'm curious about the following:

1) Is there a way to set it up so when the thin client is turned on, it will automatically open it's appropriate session (no user interaction), and stay at the login screen of the VM?

2) I know if you connect to an RDP session, and you don't enter any credentials or login, the session will close on you. How do we make it so it will stay there?

I want to completely remove any user interaction from having to start their appropriate session. It should be able to automatically connect to the VM that I specify and convince the user that there isn't anything running in the back. Is any of this possible?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Actually my co-worker has, and we will be obtaining 10 licenses for the VDI to try out. I hope that resolves everything that I was concerned about!

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