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UT2k4 oddity. hoax or no?


The One and Only
ok, i just found this pic on one website, believe it was the pic of the day. can anyone tell me what exactly this is on, and whether it's a hoax or not? i'm pretty sure it's in 2k4. didn't exactly say on the website. you kinda have to zoom to see what it says


The One and Only
ya have to read it backwards. top line, right to left, middle right to left, and bottom. seems like it says "Hose goes here you stupid dumba$$". only word i'm not sure about is whether it's Hose or not, but that's what it looks like. hope someone knows what it's on.


The One and Only
oooh...... FOUND IT!!!! it's on the Link Gun. look right in the middle while it's still spinning before you pick it up.

screeny for those of you who still not sure.
makes sense that it goes there... when you get the link gun, the green hoses get all connected... and that's where one of them connects... that's horribly amusing, though. :)

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