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UT2K3 slow lan map


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When you join game and you don't have the current map it starts to download from the server.

This obviously uses up bandwidth.

Sounds like you're at a LAN party. In this case a simple solution is to agree maps to be used first and have them ready in advance. Or just have a few CD's with all your maps on ready so folk can install 'em if they need to.

Alternatively if you are doing this online I believe you can disable the map DL feature so your server does not get bogged down with DL's

Try also sticking to maps that are common.



yes, that's correct
and i already answered this question the last time u posted this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad:

"i think it's supposed to be like that
even unreal tournament 1 was like that.... and i'm assuming all game servers are like that naturally, cause u don't want a joiner taking up all the bandwidth downloading the map when there are many other playing the game at the same time who'll be affected if all the bandwidth is taken up

so u might as well transfer all the maps from 1 comp to the next b4 u start the multiplayer lan connection in the game."

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