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ut2k3 model weird animations


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eeek thats a very jagged model... how much did you zoom in for the pic..

btw can't see the twitching but supposing its coz its a still shot..

when you mean twitching is it on the spot or is it like the screen glitches... or what?

ut2k3 that was released should actually be called ut2k3 beta v 2... so many friggin bugs.. and don't get me started on the memory loss issues... AARRRGGGHHH ! :)

so it probably might be a glitch that is resolved in a 2 GB patch or something... considering the size of the game I would not be suprised if such a patch was forthcoming lol...

sry can't help m8... can't see the twitching..
twitching occurs only with the machine gun first weapon, do behindview 1 and keep running while shooting, u'll see it,

can someone post about this at ina forums so epic can redo that model

edit: its the artificial intelligence model
the twitching is not noticable with those skinny models like lauren, domina. And i found that some other models also ahve that aiming problem.

The humans feet move so fast.......

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