UT2004 with headset


ßµ®ηiή Şiliςδη
Mar 7, 2004
i was looking on bestbuy.com and it says the special edition of UT2004 includes a logitech headset...yet it is only 30 bucks...is this right? :eek:


cant find it anywhere... went to 5 stores and checked all over online
the special edition one seems to be sold out and I dont think they are making anymore.
i just wanted the dvd version but I am out of luck now.


Ska Daddy
Dec 2, 2001
If you cna find it, get it, it's seems to be super rare... and alot easier to install since the CD version is 6 discs


ßµ®ηiή Şiliςδη
Mar 7, 2004
yeah i got the last special edition DVD at EBgames today...but all the other stores i went to were sold out. They said that they weren't getting anymore either so i guess im lucky i got one.

I wanted to get it from best buy cause mooo told me it was cheaper there, but they were sold out >:|


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Aug 16, 2003
yeah i just got mine in the mail about 3 hours ago the headset is nice. its a $25 headset so your really only spending 15 on the game if you needed a headset which i did and the one disc thing is nice.

Is anyone having problems connecting to the servers? it says my server is out of date i have 3182 and i noticed everyone is playing with 3200 is there a update somewhere i searched and didnt see anything about a update.
Apr 6, 2002
Got UT 2004 this morning

Got my copy this morning from Game. It came at 8 o clock. I did a quick install and played a few maps before coming to work. A lot of the maps are the same as UT 2003, they kept the most of the best ones. There were no European severs up yet but a lot American ones, with pings of around 150.
Game did not give the option of DVD or CD when I pre ordered so I was expecting the CDs but I got the DVD edition, good job I just got a DVD burner for Christmas. In the game box is a form to reclaim £7.50 if you bought UT 2003, if you still got your receipt, and you have to send the UT2003 play disc back, I cant see lot of people bothering with that.
I just got to wait 7 more hours till I can go home and kick some ass online.


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Mar 2, 2004
just wanted to throw a heads up to everyone..
if you are running an ati card and are having problems with your system locking up, or your screen becomes an unviewable mess, try the following (it worked for me)
>goto Run
>type msconfig
>Services tab
Ati HotKey Poller
ATI Smart
>click ok, and restart.

This worked for me, and I know many people have been having this problem with certain maps in the game.

Electronic Punk

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Dec 2, 2001
Just got the dvd version, saw the special double dvd version with the headset, but I don't need a headset.

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