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i was just playing with some friends online and wanted to know if you guys get stuff like this. unreal 2 and unreal2k3 take up soo much.
unreal name = Jm1397. I was at a lan party and running two servers and playing on one at the same time. i was using 600MB of ram at one point. good thing is that i never noticed a slowdown. i just found it kinda funny.


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ut2k3 and ut2 both use the same engine.. the ut2 game has some optimizations...

but there are known memory leak issues and the game @ max res and max everything DOES take up a lot of system memory... there are some coding bugs and lack of optimizations :)

not your rig.. blame epic..


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Originally posted by Cast
Man, UT2K3 was a HUGE dissapointment. :(
That was my sentiment too, initially. But the game does kinda grow on ya after a while --if you play instagib, against decent players, with maps that don't contain a ludicrously stupid number of polygons. :rolleyes:


I had ut2k3 since it came out I preorder it. I had no problems eversince, all the things max'ed out. Look at my rig it's not the best but It work's:cool:


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Originally posted by Jz1397-4
i think its a great multiplayer game. i love it.
yes I do like the non-stop action... but the overall game was unfinished IMO :(

the huge amount of memory the game takes up shows a lack of optimization on the part of the game developers... pushing a product out the door coz they can is not a very good sign really of the things that they should be doing...

unreal II also has some really irritating bugs... like getting stuck in places and not being able to move... if this is how they are going to start solving the clipping issues from previous versions of the game... no thank you... not worth it...

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