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Using torrents before they're done


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Hey guys,

does anyone know how to use a file before a torrent is done downloading? I've tried opening a text file from a torrent I've got running, but it just shows gibberish since the torrent hasn't been completed. Is there anyway to view the files that have been completed already? I'm using BitTornado right now...maybe I should change clients?


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don't think BitTornado shows it anywhere. i pretty highly recommend uTorrent. REALLY small file.... doesn't really use much of any resources, and a pretty easy interface. I used to use Azureus pretty ritually as my torrent app........ once i tried uTorrent..... i haven't really looked back at all. as long as the file says it's downloaded, it'll open. since it showed nothing legible, i'd say it wasn't quite done yet.


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µTorrent eh? i'll give it a shot...so i'll be able to open the files as long as they're done? i've checked when i've used other torrents, and i've been sure that a certain file is done and it still doesn't work...i'll give µTorrent a shot ;)


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I don't think you can "read" or "play" a bit torrent file until it's compete. The file is broken into many small parts and you don't necessarily download them in order. All the feeders and downloaders are sending small bits to each other. If all the feeders don't have all the pieces, they can exchange pieces until they all have the same number of pieces, but will have to wait until another feeder gets online with the last pieces.


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yeah. as long as it's like a file in like..... maybe a folder of stuff (pictures, text documents, other stuff i shouldn't mention), and the torrent client says that the file that you're trying to OPEN is done, it will open. i've done it several times. can even choose to only download certain files by setting the ones you don't want to "Do Not Download" priority. Then, it won't say that the entire torrent is 100% finished, but in the file list, it will show you when they are. if it's a file inside like... a RAR file or somethin along those lines, then yah... it won't open till the entire torrent is finished downloading.


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I just ran uTorrent and its showing some files as 100% completed, but I still can't open them properly :(


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apu95 said:
I just ran uTorrent and its showing some files as 100% completed, but I still can't open them properly :(
Have you downloaded the correct program to open them? I had to download programs to open Flac and shorten files when got started with torrents.


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what files are they ??? Also, if you try to open a torrent in Utorrent while it is running, it will stop the transfer and give you an error in the client. Most Clients will not allow you to open a file until it is done. If you do open it before it is done, the transfer will automatically stop and give you an error like I stated above ..
might i ask what exactly you're trying to download? i know some things you download (usually the BIGGER things *cough cough*) come as split RAR files. either that or as tom said, it could be that you don't have the correct program. if you know you have the right program, and it's not a split rar file or anything like that..... then it may just be from switching torrent apps. i believe i've read some places that sometimes one torrent app will say that a file is complete, while another says it's nowhere near so. think they said it's just that some torrent apps handle the files differently than others.


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I got it working :)
Turns out that I had to restart the torrent from scratch (I didn't have much dled anyways) cuz apparently uTorrent doesn't save the files to the location you specify right away. Now I can right click and choose open and it works alright ;)

The torrent I'm using is quite a large "thing" and the text files that come with it are just an index of the contents plus the appropriate numbering for the files.


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most torrent programs don't allow you to change anything about a file downloading, or downloaded. Unless the file is removed from the program download list. Utorrent is the best!

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