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11 Feb 2007

I wrote this application some years ago, when I need multi-stage replacing in many HTML files. In the beginning it was freeware, I develope it, and 2 years ago (or 3?, omg) it become the shareware project.
But some parts remain freeware, so, possible, it can be useful for someone.
Below I describe how you can search and replace particularly for HTML tags.

(Sorry for my English).

WBR, Andrew Shelkovenko.

You can use RQ Search and Replace to search and replace HTML code for tags, attribute names, or values.

For example you can change the font size of one font type without affecting any others.
For example:
<font size="2" face="Arial"> will be changed to <font size="3" face="Arial">, but tag <font size="2" face="Verdana"> remain the same size="2".

You can delete or change HTML tags, it's attributes or attributes values.
Don't worry about attribute's order in tag - program parsed HTML code and get all attributes and its values properly.

Any html code can be found and changed according to a search condition maintaining strict coding syntax

For example <font size="2" face="Arial"> or < font face='Arial' size=2 > is the equivalent tags.

The program searches by the search parameters and changes according to those found parameters.

Tags search condition (terms).
1. Tag Equivalence
The program searches for tag by name and the same attributes and value according to search parameters.

2. AND condition
The program searches the same tag by its name, and the tag found must contain all parameters specified in the search conditions (and possible other attributes).

3. OR condition.
If the required tag with the same name should contain even one of the search criteria it will be found.

4. And-NOT condition.
Required tag should NOT contain every of attributes of search - ie all attributes should NOT be presents in the Required tag.

5. Not-OR condition
The search criteria specifies tag attributes that should not be present in found tags.

Found Tags and\or attributes may be changed or deleted.

The tag operations consist of:
1. Deletion of tag or tags

Special keys - Their use

No key (by default) - delete start tag and corresponding end tag only. Text inside tag will not deleted.
"ALL" key - delete start tag, corresponding end tag and all text (and other tags) enclosed in this tag.
"ALL -" - delete only text enclosed in this tag. Tag will not deleted.

2. Changing attributes
In search cell, insert tag with attributes that need be changed.
Program searches tags by search condition.

The program search finds attributes by their name.
If attribute present - program changes attributes value by the value from replacement cell.

3. Delete attribute
Delete the attribute in tag found, if attribute has the same name and value .

4. Add attribute
Add the attribute with given value. If attribute already exists - just set the new attribute value.

5. In upper case - set attribute value to upper case for attributes listed in replace cell only. If in replace cell char * (rep)resents - set all attribute values to upper case.

6. In lower case- set attribute value to lower case for attributes listed in replace cell only. If in replace cell char * (rep)resents - set all attribute values to lower case.

Other HTML operations:

- create index of html-files in current folder.
- convert all html files in current folder to plain text files
- convert all txt files in current folder to html files (with syntax hi(gh)lighting for source files)
- replace all char representation sequence to national code page chars.

RQ Search and Replace is free for single file operation
Registered version can process multiply files and change multiply tags by "one click" (and MSWord documents too)

RQ Search and Replace is an easy to use text replacement utility for Windows
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