Using ReadyDrive and ReadyBoost


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12 Dec 2008
When I noticed perris's topic about ReadyBoost I started researching some stuff that I didn't know about ReadyBoost. I came across another term "ReadyDrive". I didn't know that ReadyDrive was but now I do!

Here's a quote describing what Windows ReadyDrive is: said:
Windows Vista increases system performance by including a wealth of new features like ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive. ReadyBoost allows you to use flash memory to increase system memory on the fly, while ReadyDrive gives users the opportunity to use specially designed hybrid hard drives to increase read speeds and reduce battery drain. ReadyDrive capable hard drives are now becoming available, and users on the go will be impressed by how well they improve productivity.

I don't have any H-HDD (Hybrid Hard Drive) so I can't really test this out, but I found an interesting article on WikiHow that explains how to set this up and it also has some great tips. If anyone with an H-HDD is interested in trying this out then follow the article at eHow:

Be sure to report your results back here and tell us about your experience!
Readyboost makes sense to people who have under 1gb, but surely no one is running vista with only 512mb anymore....

once you hit the 1gb memory threshold, readyboost becomes mostly obsolete by comparison.
Think it sucks though. ReadyDrive has been in Vista since it's release. hardware manufacturer's new about it since long before Vista was released. Yet as it stands now i don't think i've seen a single hard drive that also has some flash-based storage to go along with it.... be it a laptop drive or desktop drive.
yeah, somehow hybrid drives got lost in the way

they should've been a middle step between regular drives and SSDs
yea.... but that's probably why Hybrid-HDD's got lost in the dust. SSD's are expensive enough.... let alone a HDD WITH a small built-in SSD.

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