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Using PC133 on a PC100 system



I just bought 128MB of 168 pin PC133 memory for my Socket 7 motherboard. Unfortunately when I plugged it in, it only recognised it as 64 MB. Adding the other 2 x 32 MB PC100 I got my system up to 128MB. I previously had 98 MB.

The motherboard manual did say that 128MB wasn't fully tested with it and may not be fully compatable. I think the board was made just as 128 MB was starting to be produced.

I've been using it all day, and my Windows XP system seems faster, more reliable, and less prone to crashing.

However I'm wondering will I do damage to the chip using it like this, or will it be ok as I'm planning on upgrading in the new year and I'd like to use it with the new motherboard?


hardware monkey
you won't damage anything at all.

but in order to get all 128mb out of taht stick, try moving it to a different slot. what's probably happening is... the 128mb stick is double-sided, meaning it has chips on both sides. well, your motherboard probably has a slot that only supports one-side.. which is probably the last slot. feel free to move them around and find out.

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