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Using only the Administrator account?



As I understand it, it's best not to use the Admin account because you can damage the system (potentially) and a virus or Trojan can get more 'play'.

I'm using XP Pro, I'm the only user of my PC, and I'm sitting behind a hardware router/firewall. I'm also using Norton 20002 Antivirus scanning everthing I download. In additin it has all the extras, like script blocking and active email scanning.

So, basically I don't see why I shouldn't use the administrator account. It would seem to make things easier in terms of software installations and such.





I use Administrator too, so I can access everything, for I am the only user on my computer. I don't think trojans and viruses would get more "play" if you don't have any accounts on your computer other than administrator. Personally, I would use Administrator if I were the only one using the computer.

In My Opinion...
I find with windows XP the administrator account is a moot point unless you have more then you using the computer, The only real thing about using it is if someone manages to snoop ya computer while you are on they will see you are admin and might be tempted to try stuff...although it's not a big possibility. If you hate the hassle of installing programs and stuff you can always just put your current acct in the administrators group that way you have all the powers of an administrator without having the administrator name...

I find only in *nix environments is it NECESSARY to NOT always use the admin acct, I use to think it was pointless, but in *nix the administrator usually does not have any warning pops ups or anything of that nature even when you are deleting files that are needed, or making system changes that will cause the system to fail...however if you are not the admin the system will alert you of this and not allow you to make the changes

hope I helped :)


There is only one issue with the Administrator account over using your own account with the same privelages....
A hacker knows the Administrator accounts name and its likely its not been renamed, so part of his job is done.

There have been a few debates on this and one of the safest methods of protecting this account is to give it a really long and stupid password and save it somewhere not on a computer. This will make it very hard to crack.
You can always create another admin account with a name they are not likely to guess. (I'm not sure if XP allows you to rename the Admin account off the top of my head)

Remember that a firewall is only as good as the software that runs on it. There are always holes that can be exploited, its just best to be aware of that - nothing is perfect!

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