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Using Nero, burning CD using only CDRW, no CDRom?


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We only have one CDRW inside of this house, I don't know when I am going to be getting mine. I have the CDRom of the house, and no CDRW... my sister's computer is the exact opposite. I was wondering if there was a way with Nero that I can burn a CD using only one CDRW without the CDROM? If so, please explain how in detail so I can get this working. =)
start the nero wizard

on the second screen where is says

compile a new cd

copy a cd

check the copy a cd, next screen will show the source, and just follow the rest.

it burns a copy to the hard drive first then prompts you to insert the CD-R

hope this helps, not exactly sure this is what you wanted



kinda drunik.......but from what i understand...cdrw is on one comp...cdrom is on another comp..........

u wanna burn from the cdrom on the other comp?if correct then copying to hdd first would still leave u in the same position.....

network your comps and u can burn from the other comp.....use your sis's cdrw to burn files from your cdrom

[edit] but then again i am drunk as hell....took me 5 mins to type this...lol


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Already tried that before, no luck. First and foremost my sister had a hissy fit when I setup the network between our two computers. Basically what happened was that she was convinced that the network was slowing down her Sims Online game. You know, I built her damned machine, now whenever I figure something else out she has a hissy fit that I'm going to be touching her machine. I went in and told her that I think I found a way to copy CD's on your computer, and her words are, "Why are you always F'ing messing with it?" God I hate her.

But when we setup the network, we came acrossed that Nero only picks up devices only directly attached to the computer, it would only find the CDRW on her computer, although I'm sure I did everything correctly, it still wouldn't find the shared CDRom on my computer.


Iceman has you answer and Gus tells you why!

It's like this - using your sisters computer, put the cd you want to copy into the drive, do what Iceman said - fire up the wizard and select copy. It will copy the cd to your harddrive and then prompt you to insert a blank cd. Do so, follow through the rest of the wizard and you've got yourself a copy you can use on your cdrom drive.

If I remember correctly, Nero will even erase the copy of the cd off your harddrive!


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...or (even better) switch cd drives with her and tell her you can't figure out why she can't burn anymore....

(not drunk, just mean)
If you don't want to use Nero, try a program called CloneCD. Just pop the original in the CD burner, copy an image to the harddrive, put the CD-RW disc in, and burn it using the image saved on the harddrive.
bah I have the same problem, I built all of the computers that are used at my home, I am the one that fixes them when they go wrong, and then family members btich at me when I am messin with them. When I went away to boarding school and I wasnt there to mess with the machines they were quite pleased. Then one of the machines died, and they couldnt fix it, they had to call me for about an hour to get the problem fixed, while I talked them through it. Now they are always really patient if I am messing with the PCs as they know that when I do mess with them they are fine and when I dont they break down.

You should try that kind of thing on your sisters machine.

And yes Icemans initial response is how do CD copying with only one drive, the way you do it with two is called writing "on-the-fly", and is probably more easy to do nowadays with all of the burn-proof and justlink things.
I have two drives, and personally I prefer to burn with the intermediate step of copying to the hard drive first.


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Wow, I am incredibly surprised, but thanks guys! I always would have thought that burning a CD with the CD in the CDRom and the CDRW in the CDRW drive would have been much faster. I am going to try out this method later tonight. My sister isn't usually burning CD's, that's more her husband's job because all he does is download rap and puts it on a CD. She did that like twice maybe, but she's content playing the Sims Online.
Punkrulz, copying a cd using the same drive is actually more reliable than using 2 different drives. Main reason is that a lot of times, the source drive will be sending data faster than the CD-RW drive can write it, or vice-versa. Also, there are too many complications with using 2 drives as well. Like if you have both the source drive and destination drive on the same IDE ribbon cable, there will usually end up being a buffer underrun error cause it still has to send data to the hard drive on the other cable, then run that same data back to the CD-RW drive while the CD-ROM is sending data to the hard drive. probably jus confused the hell outta ya, but you probably get the idea.


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Nope, I understand you loud and clear Elemental... Although now I feel bad for whoevers computer I setup, because I kept telling them that they couldn't copy CD's... I would have done the research, but I was so set in my ways that I didn't even bother... *Sighs*

Tomorrow since I Have off school {God bless snow} I am going to try burning a CD the way you said it, witness first hand out easy it is, and possibly crap my pants afterwards, who knows. ;)


hahaha. how can i copy (I'm a n00b and didn't read the forum guildlines, but that uber kewl super mod took care of me, named Iceman.html)? my friend lent it to me and when i wanna copy it nero says its copy protected then during the burn process there are lotsa error messages. what do i do? what can i do?

23 posts and you just got your first warning, 2 more to go, get the picture yet????

Suggest you bone up on the forum guildlines, you can find them here http://www.ntfs.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15979
And I've even been here longer then the first idjit and I still helped him knowing the rules of the forum and all, but once again that uber kewl super mod Iceman showed me the errors of my ways, him being so cool and all

Consider this your first warning Alex: Iceman
Damn can I get edited by the uber cool super mod Iceman as well :p

OK here you go copying a Game CD 101

Take CD to local Library, walk over to copiers8, place CD in copier*, choose to make a 150% image size copy (this prevents failure).
Press the copy button, you will now see a bright light appear and move along the length of the copier*.
Within moments your copy will be done.

*copier refers to the currently rather ancient photocopier
Dont blame me if it doesnt work, you are the muppet that tried to copy a games CD with a photocopier

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