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Hey Everybody,
Just curious to see if anyone has figured out how to use groups in XP. It seems like every file-sharing action has to be done by XP's stupid user-friendly UI. Does anyone know how to create groups within the management console and then use them for IIS, and NTFS folder permissions? I can create groups all day long, but say I create an "FTP Users" group, then go over to IIS and try to specify that only members of that group be allowed FTP access. It will not let me, it wont even acknowledge that there IS a "FTP Users" group. Is there a way to make the UI function more like NT/2000? It's not a HUGE issue, but it's kind of annoying and runs against everything that MS has drilled into my head thus far. (Create groups, assign permissions to groups, put users into groups. This is the Microsoft way.) Thanks in advance for the help....



- Oh and I noticed that my profile says I'm using XP Home. I'm actually using XP Pro if that makes any difference. Thanks!

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