Using backed up HDD Image

if lets say, i wanted to copy my hard drive to another, then hook up both hard drives to seperate computers.. how would i go about changing the Windows Activation Key or whatever, so im not using 2 comps with the same key.

Just curious.

(break down of question;
1. is it possible to change windows xp key when its already installed
2. how do i change Windows xp key when its already installed
3. would winXP function as if it was installed the same, if i "swapped" keys?
i dont understand why your posting the forum guidelines.. its not hacking or copyrighting material is it? if so, im sorry, i was just curious with the answer.


What your basicly asking is how to run the same copy of the XP on two computers which is illegal hence the forum guidelines.
Now if you have to legitimate keys thats a differnet story.
how would i go about changing the Windows Activation Key or whatever, so im not using 2 comps with the same key.

if you simplify my question, its asking how to AVOID having the same key on 2 working copies of Windows XP... or, how to avoid reinstalling and customizing windowsXP to my taste, all over again.


I posted the guidelines link just in case, you know?
Personally I don't mind what keys you are using, but for the site it is important to leave no doubt that we are giving no illegal advice. NTFS could get in trouble otherwise. No offence intended. :)

If you copy your harddrive and put this one into another computer, XP will probably detect many hardware changes and will require reactivation. If you own several licences you can change the product key during activation. See the second link for details.

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