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21 Jun 2002
is there anyway to put code into your html to make sure that the font used is one that is uploaded to my server...or do I just have to leave it up to the persons computer to hopefully have the font?
i think you just upload the font to your server, then use the "font face=*UploadedFontName.fontextension*" test it out, i could be wrong.
where would that go in the code...under what tag
upload the font to the server, to the directory that the page is viewed in.

then <.Font Face = UploadedFont.extension.>
or create a "file_name.css" file
then put
body {
   font-family: font_name;

then in the html file, inside the <head> tag put
<link href="file_name.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
The Web Embedding Fonts Tool 'WEFT', lets Web authors create 'font objects' that are linked to their Web pages so that when an Internet Explorer user views the pages they'll see them displayed in the font style contained within the font object.

Just stick with standard web-fonts. Otherwise you're excluding Windows users who don't use IE, FreeBSD Users, Mac Users, BeOS Users, Linux Users, and all other none-windows operating system users.
fair point, was just something I remembered from ages ago, I will never go back to MSIE :p

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