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Hey all. im not new to Xp, but a friend of mine is having some trouble with the Users feature, and since im the only user on my, i have no idea how to help.

Heres my questios:

1) How can I install a program on one user name and not have it show up on the others? ( i know about making Documents anf folders private but dont know how to do it for programs)

2) How can I unistall programs on one user and not have it effect the other user, Im sure the answer is the same but i have no idea and as im sure most of you know Microsoft couldn't help us with the problem with wanting more money.

Thank for your help and ideas will be appreciated!


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1) Every user should ask for a password before entering in XP . In this way only the user that knows this password can access that profile and all that have . But there are so many ways to restrict access to others such as : Hiding files <> Enable a password for those file and so on !

2) The administrator should have all the access tot all files on that pc but you can restrict him too . More users does not mean that there are as partitions as users are ! User with program x installed can unninstall it but before the other user could not access that program , not anymore , got it ?
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to X:\Documents and Settings\ALL USER ACCOUNTS\Start Menu, and start moving your links around to how you want them. If you put a link in 'Bob's' account and delete it from 'All Users' and 'Steve's' account... It will only show up in Bob's start menu. A saavy user can still launch a program by finding it's executable (*.exe) file, but a casual user won't know how to do it.

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