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Hi guys!

i am hoping someone can help me.. i just reformatted my hard drive with win xp home. the installation went fine, but then when xp started up it went to the login screen and asked for my username and password.... when i would boot up before i formatted, the login screen never came up at all and so i have never put in a username and password. does anyone know where i can find it or how to get passed it? could it have been something i created when i first bought the pc or was it created by xp when they get you to enter a computer name etc???

i know it may be the dumbest question on earth but whaddyado...

Well, to autologin (once you find a way around the users and password; I'll keep looking into that for you), click run and type in "control userpasswords2" and hit enter. Then click on the name of the user you want to login and uncheck the "user must enter password" check box. It will ask you for the login of the user (if there isn't one, leave it blank). Click "ok" and that's it.

Try entering in either admin, administrator, or leaving the user blank, with no password.


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I don't think she can get into Windows to even do that.

monica, you should be prompted to enter a password for the Admin account when installing Windows. I would install Windows again and be sure to enter and make note of the password.


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When you installed windows you had to enter an admin password as stated above. I also assume this is the only account on the computer (yours). I'm gonna guess that after you formatted, you updated and installed the .net environment update. This automatically adds a new user account, so when you reboot after the update you will need your (admin) password that you used when you installed windows.

If you can figure out how to get into windows/or the next time you format, you can delete that user account that is created for .net, it is of no consequence.

btw, welcome to osnn.


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Also if you never put in a password and when ya boot up it asks for one aren't ya just supposed ta hit the O.K. button or the enter key and that's it?

XP Home should not ask for a user name and password, only if there are two or more accounts. Which would have had to been made after getting into XP.

*sniff sniff* This thread smells strangely odd.


When setting up Windows XP you HAVE to set up a username and password the first time.
Gonna have to watch this thread


yeah ... at least a username. Sorry, I always set a password at the same time. But at least a username.


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you guys rock!

:D I dont beleive it!! I did it! Thanks for all your replies guys!! ok..if xp did ask for a username and password i dont remember, and probably didnt read it as it did come up and just hit enter. (lame i know, but generally i cant be bothered to watch the whole set up process for 60 mins so am doing other stuff at the same time) next time i shall take more care though.

anyway, i decided to try one more thing before i reinstalled.. i started the computer up in 'safe mode with command prompt' (or something like that). I had no idea what i was doing or how i was going to do whatever it was i was gonna do but decided it couldnt get any worse. First the login box came up again with Administrator as the username and the password box empty - i thought i was back where i started but then i just hit 'ok' and it went to the c: prompt and i typed in 'control userpasswords' or 'user passwords' or something, which i read from Unwonted and it went straight into the manage accounts screen. there were 2 accounts there - the administrators account and the owner account i was able to change the owner account name and password withut knowing what the original one was which was really good! i changed the administrator one too . i tried to change the way users login but i got a message to say i couldnt do that because of some program with the file gina_x86.dll. so i left it. i then restarted and up came that login screen. i tried to login as administrator but it said i had restricted access (which i think is right, if you have another account with admin rights u cant use the administrator account - is that right?) , but i logged in as the owner one i had changed and it worked fine!!!!!!

talk about rambling! :rolleyes:

i still have noo idea what the original password was, but i am sure the username was Owner.

thanks heaps for all your help! and i definately know where to come next time!

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