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How about a user rating based on number of posts divided by rep points?

High posts and low rep gives a low user rating (and qualifies you for membership at spammers paradise? ;)), low posts and high rep gives a high user rating.

Would be a fairly easy tweak to vBulletin as the posts and rep points are already shown so it would just need to be a little calculation on the page rather than a DB modification.

Well, thats my bright idea for the day, best go back to sleep now :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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Interesting, but its not telling us anything we can see anyway. You can see the amount of posts and rep points, thus at a glance you can see the correlation between them.

Ultimately we have posts counts, rep point and power. I don't believe we need another form of "ranking" to argue about :)


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yah I think stickin with HOT POINTS is the way to go EP... cool points during the fall/winter is just soooo obvious...

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