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User Passwords in XP and .net

hmm... delicate topic...
not sure if we want to post this on boards as public knowledge but i'll post it up here for you guys...

there are several was to bypass the password...

one of the easiest ways being through Computer Management....

boot into safe mode... will auto login... (should auto login as with admin privilages)... going into control panel -> Users wont help... as MS aren't that stupid to leave 'Users' still there...

instead of going into users you can go into Administration -> Computer Management... Expand 'Computer Management' -> Local Users/Groups -> Users -> Right click on the user - > Set Password... ignore the promt... enter new pass... and yer all done up...

many *cleaver* system admins normally use this to add new users in stead of users in Control Panel... so they normally blovck this tactic off... so will only work on n00bie comps ;)

There is another way of enabling yourself to have a Admin Access if you have limited account which i cant fully remember... but was something like you had to replace the logonui.exe with cmd.exe so it loads the command prompt on boot instead of the login screen... cant fully remember what files you had to play with... but evenetually you ended up with admin access...

there are many more ways of bypassing it... so dont think that if you forgotten it you fuked ;)

Enjoy... i trust you wont use these techniques to gain advantage of systems :rolleyes: - ;)

MdSalih - 1337 H4x0rz inc :p
hmmmmmm, when I boot up in safe mode I am still faced with a login screen, only difference is the admin account shows as well, if you don't know the password for either account, it will not complete the boot up process, so not sure on the instructions you gave MdSalih.

Unless I'm doing something wrong, wouldn't be the first time. hehehehe

hmm... you must have set up something in XP so that in Safe Mode it still prompts for admin u/p - by default its swtiched off... /me looks for the switch


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